Mar 18, 2016

Listen: Vent - @SamadSavage; A Niles P. Joint

It never fails.  Every time I think I’m going to have an unnaturally light writing week, a new joint comes on my radar (usually by a new jack) and I’m rushing to the scorer’s table to check back into the game.  This time it’s Samad Savage.  The 19 year old from Montclair, NJ just dropped Vent via SoundCloud.  According to him, it’s a pure loosie: not a single, not going on an EP.  But for newcomers like myself, this is the best possible way to be introduced to the Libre Brand affiliated emcee.  

The song itself is nothing short of epic.  It’s a storytelling track that runs almost six minutes long with no hook and only a short break between lengthy verses.  The instrumental is chock full of bass and piano, with some effervescent drums showing up during the second half. As long as it is, Savage doesn’t bite off more than he can chew.  He tells a tale of losing his virginity and all of the turmoil that followed.  I’m not spoiling shit as far as details go, you’ll have to listen to the musical saga yourself.  Check out Vent after the break and look out for more Samad Savage coverage in the near future.


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