Apr 26, 2016

Listen: Terms & Conditions - @speechdebelle; A Niles P. Joint

In my two plus years at WTM, I’ve covered a bunch of artists from all across America.  Now it’s time to take shit international.  Hailing from London, I first became aware of Speech Debelle while working at a nearby Puma outlet store.  I got addicted to her catchy ass song Spinnin’Now through the magic of the internets, I reconnected with the English emcee.  She just released a new song, Terms & Conditions, and it commands immediate attention.  More somber than anything, she weaves a cautionary tale of cycles of toxic relationships.  The title itself refers to the terms and conditions that generally come before you download something.  You just click yes/accept without reading them at all.  Doing so in a relationship is harmful since you don’t know what you're getting yourself into.  It also touches on the need to recharge between relationships for your own self care before diving into a new one and making the same mistakes again.  The pensive mood of the lyrics is reflected in the instrumental, which is well layered with some of the best keyboard work possible.

Stream Terms & Conditions below on Bandcamp and then buy the single.  Be sure to look out for Speech Debelle’s new album Tantil Before I Breathe coming this fall, along with a full review on WTM.  


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