May 25, 2016

Listen: Bad Boy on Death Row - @DaveEast feat. @TheGame; A Niles P. Joint

Harlem and Compton collide on wax, but it’s in the best way imaginable.  The new Dave East song Bad Boy on Death Row shares the name of the two labels that were at odds in the 90’s.  However, a mutual love of the culture unites him with The Game on this SoundCloud loosie.  There’s no gimmick, hell they didn’t even waste time with a hook.  Over a cool, calm, & collected beat by Buda & Grandz, the two exchange more bars than Halloween for almost four minutes straight.  No matter which coast you live, this is perfect for playing in your AC-infused car during the summer.  Just have a friend riding shotgun to hit rewind constantly, because these guys have way too many quotables to list here.  Gotta commend the Mass Appeal Records emcee East for challenging himself by hosting the lyrically underrated Game on a track.  In the end, they both held it down for their respective time zones.  Take a listen after the break.  


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