May 6, 2016

Live Reaction: #Lemonade visual album by @Beyonce {Written by @Natural_Nation}

So, now that a couple weeks have passed I am sure that EVERYONE has heard about Lemonade Beyonce's visual and audio album that dropped on April 23rd.

Whether you heard raving reviews about the hour long music video or happened to find out that "hot sauce" was really Bey's good friend the wooden bat I'm sure something Lemonade related has made it your way. But, if not, I happened to watch it. Some God-send happened to hit the DVR button and the album was sitting waiting for me after being taken off the air for it's one night only premiere on HBO. Early in the morning I sat in my family room, turned the lights off , grabbed a bowl of cereal and pressed play.

- Slow motion and scenery that is Beyonce's new niche.
- Okay turban with the hoodie. Giving me Howard University.
- Just in case you were wondering, yes, her hoodie does zipper from the back.
- Oh,so we're going to do spoken word?
- I don't know who this sista is but she is giving me life with her face.
- Turban number two.
- I need to know who's in charge of these visuals because the cinematography is on a bean.
- No girl don't jump!
Welp....there she goes. 
- What is this like the five stages of grief?
- But do ya'll know how much air she had to exhale to stay down there like that, skills bruh.
- YASSS she is giving me draped floating oracles from 300.
- And when you ask they always look at you crazy.
- Okay flash back to Carmen
- ....This song kinda bump.
- Jealous or crazy? That's a great question
- Who does Beyonces weave!?
- Here she go rapping.
- ....Actually that's a wig, I think. Right? Travelle!
- Boobies, Jesus. 
- Twirl Twirl TWIRLL!!!
- ....Am I part of the bee hive now?
- That twirl really just did something to me.
- Lol that laugh was so genuinely evil.
- Yes grief stages then, basically.
- GIRL in the front yas with your pretty face!!
- ....A little Jeepers Creepers
- But sh*t it be like that sometimes. I guess she picked crazy.
- Side burns on el fleek Susie Q.
- You betta f*cking preach ho
- Oh...
- Oh Beyocne is angry ya'll
- Lmao, they wanna stop smiling so bad
- She looked like a straight dragon just now.
- She smells her perfume! You ain't got to lie Craig!
- Beyonce is going kinda H.A.M.
- Wait....hold up
- See, I can't. She is really out doing herself.
- I'll just let that quote stand by itself I'm not even gonna comment on it.
- African necklace.... you know there is this continuing theme of African fashion and culture that I am really glad to be seeing.
- LORD!! 
- Yes lay the side piece to rest. "It is time" *Rafiki voice*
- Is that Serena?
- Yes it is Serena Williams
- Chuck them deuces.
- You know who I feel sorry for? All the mean who have to listen to their girlfriends quote this album for the next year and a half.
- HELL NAW! I aint sorry
- Lol this is what happens when you break up with someone and your girls are like "Sis forget about him we're gonna go out tonight and find you someone cute"
- How can you not love black women!!! Just look at them!
- Oh now she's just upset.
- Ain't that some sh* can they go from loving you, to doing you dirty. Craig ass, mark ass busters.
- The shining. Blood's gonna come rushing down this hallway in any second.
- ...Or maybe thats why the hallway is red. That would be too obvious.
- What's about to happen. This sh*t is hella suspenseful
- GIRLLL with that Gaga hat!
- OKAYY! We have a feature. The Weekend is something else
- Six inch heels...yeah i don't know anything about that. Good for you though.
- So themes of Texas and New Orleans heavy.
- Listen girl i know you out there tryna forget about him but secretly looking for him in the streets.
- OH MY LANTA this break down.
- Ya'll Beyonce has a thigh gap, that cant be real.
- ...I wonder how much Beyonce had to do with this poetry.
- So clearly this is about to be a who's who of wheres waldo.
- I be tryna tell people about Nawlins but folks don't listen.
- I'm convinced that is where my soul is from.
- Mmm
- Yes give me horns i needs them. I needs the brass
- Oh so she's going for all the genres? Oh okay just checking.
- ....Daddy does know best. My pops tells me the same thing.
- Look at she...breaking down.
- Uh oh
- Tsk, she's about to go back to him. Look at her tryna talk it out and reason. Op. You are the love of my life? Yeah she's back in it.
- Well so much for where I thought this album was going.
- Beautiful blackkkk womenssss.
- It's too late for those to be pregnancy boobs. Why have i never noticed them before though?
- I'm doing face paint like that this year at Afropunk
- Afreekah
- Oh yes she's allllll the way back.
- If i could remember being born that would be the craziest sh*t.
- That's Nina.
- Ehhh I don't know if I'm gonna like this song any reference to sand castles in any way is a bit much for me.
- Oh wait...kinda like the rawness. Is that a Jay-z look a like, where she find him at?
- Child that is him...what is going on.
- He cosigned all these shenanigans huh?
- His cut look kinda good though. Barber on fleek flack.
- YESSS OAK TREESSSSS!!!! A.K.A my past life
Amanda, Chloe and Halle.
- Is that Sampha?
- Indians....GIRL!! AFRICA!!!
- Those Mardi Gras Indian outfits are all hand made by the person who is going to wear it that year.  Just in case anyone was interested in some fun facts.
- I'm trying to go to a retreat like this. Do some womanly healing and bonding.
- Lord is it too much to ask for a house and land like this. It's all I want.
- Okay acapella
- She sound good.
- Oh okay no more acapella.
- Oh wait...acapella.
- Wait...yeah no more acapella.
- Who is that girl? I know you. No, not you Zendaya the other one. 
- I wish I took ballet.
- Lookin' like ya mutha honey *snaps* good gawd.
- Oh imma be singing this song...that's Kendrick I'm guessing.
- Dang this thing is still on.
- She's giving us the recipe for lemonade everybody be quiet!
- ...This part is making me kinda calm
- Yes you better give us that voice. Talk it out.
- Hm... Nothing real can be threatened.
- Ughhh i just want to walk around bare foot like that with a few acres, a garden, a couple dogs, some little boys with nappy hair, and a man looking a little bit like Djimon Hounsou coming back from the hunt, shirtless, after a long day.
- I would greet him with... Yes, keep up with me now, LEMONADE.
- I don't know how I feel about matching tattoos.
- Aww ya'll look, it's love.
- *forever alone*
-I guess this is cute though.
- It is.
- Was Solange anywhere in this? I feel like she should have been.
- Turban number 345.
- Yo I'm convinced Blue Ivy is a giant. Has to be.
- She was that same size at one year of age.
- Oh it's over like that? Happy ending and what have you? Well okay.


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