Jun 9, 2016

Listen: 4pm in Calabasas @Drake {Written by @Natural_Nation}

It's safe to say I came in on the late tip with 4pm in Calabasas by Drake and honestly, it is still taking me a minute to really be convinced of the track's actual purpose. Currently, it is being labeled as a diss-track directed towards Diddy, Joe Budden, and a few other rumored names.  A friend of mine really had to break it down to me. It wasn't that I missed the Bad Boy references, the clear quoted lyrics, melodic bites, or the clear instrumental sample. I simply didn't take it personally, but then again why would I when it had nothing to do with me? Drake is smart and he is calculating; while the music industry is notoriously petty. I don't know how much of this is hot air being tossed up a helium balloon and how much of it is actually worth discussing. Either way he got us all talking once again, "ha-ha-ha-ha', got em."

For a break down of the lyrics and a thorough explanation of the beef click here.

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