Jun 3, 2016

Listen: Drug Dealers Anonymous - @PUSHA_T feat. @S_C_; A Niles P. Joint

Instead of digging into a potentially epic piece of steak, sometimes it’s better to savor it.  Same thing goes for new songs.  When Pusha T released Drug Dealers Anonymous featuring Jay Z a few days ago, everybody and their mom’s blog tripped over each other to dissect every punchline.  I decided to wait awhile and give it some more spins to avoid the initial hype wave. And holy shit, this one hits a dinger to lead off the summer.  While Pusha and Jigga will spit coke raps for anybody (if you invited them over now, you’d hear stories of kilograms and rubber bands) there’s no denying that they're the best at this subgenre.  Their creativity never gets boring, no matter the prevalence of the subject matter.

The instrumental is as minatory as they come, as Push has thrived in darkness through his group and solo careers.  Lines like “America’s nightmare's in Flint/ Children of a lesser God when your melanin’s got a tint/ And I can’t even mention what I sent or what I spent/ Cause my name in 18 wheelers is evidence” showcases a baroque way of bringing up bricks.  And Jay steps out of executive mode to remind people about how he got here.  Partially a response to right wing news anchor Tomi Lahren, Jigga is spry in his lyrical acrobatics as he takes the long way through his illustrious cocaine trafficking history.  There are too many pleasant surprises in his stanzas to pick one that stands out.  Look out for a “Damn Daniel” reference that outlives the now played out viral video.

While it’s since been posted and eradicated from both AudioMack and Soundcloud, you can find Drug Dealers Anonymous as a Tidal exclusive if you click here.  Look out for Pusha T’s new album King Push coming soon, along with WTM’s review.

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