Jun 29, 2016

Listen: Meat Cleaver - @BodegaBrovas feat. @JeanGreasy; A Niles P. Joint

While I’m all about positivity and shit in music, I gotta be honest: sometimes, inexplicably, I just want to hear some violent ass lyrics.  This time around, Bodega Brovas has me covered.  The rap trio of Travii the 7th, Keynote, and Headkrack actually hail from three different cities in three completely different regions (Chicago, Dallas, & The Bronx respectively.)  Their geographical differences don't matter, as they're still musically cohesive.  This shines through on Meat Cleaver, which has all of the violence, debauchery, and fun of a Tarantino flick within its bars.   The beat is a nice mashup of 60’s rock and tumbling drums.  To really kick it up a notch, they’ve enlisted underground legend Jean Grae, who might be the master of bombastic rap violence.  Her guest verse is the icing on the cake.  Meat Cleaver is the first single from the Bodega Brovas’ debut album L.G.A. (Loaded Guns & Alcohol.)  Peep game below.


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