Jun 14, 2016

Review: 16 16s - @SamadSavage; A Niles P. Joint

“Yeah but he uses his voice for an instrument!” is the stock defense for wack rappers nowadays.  Basically some will say that enough warbling through autotune will make somebody dope.  But every rapper uses their voice as an instrument (it's called flow) and that quote is just a cover for new kids that can’t fuckin rhyme.  Thankfully, Samad Savage doesn’t suffer from this affliction.  The Montclair MC just released his new mixtape 16 16s.  A concept project of sorts, it has Samad taking us through a tour of sixteen verses set to sixteen well-known beats.  Each joint is about a minute or less and they all flow into the next, in true mixtape fashion.  He’s spitting his a** off from wire to wire.  So to celebrate dude’s skill, I’m going to take it track by track and point out my favorite/the best bars from each.  

The World Is Yours (Nas) - “I sip the Kool-Aid/ Listening to Nas and Lupe/ Cuz rappers nowadays can take two L’s like Cool J.”

Dead Presidents (Jay-Z) - “Appreciate to the fullest/ You got a trigger?  Don’t pull it/ Cuz once it spit out them bullets, that’s a life you can’t take back/ Opposite of gay lies, that’s straight facts/ I’m living life in the moment, they’d rather SnapChat.”

Otis (The Throne) - “I like my Sprite clean, no disrespect to Future/ But if Future’s the future, get ready for some depressing young n*ggas who are really just drug abusers.”

Triumph (Wu Tang) - “Just because it’s beautiful don’t mean that it’s good for you/ I like my clothes casual so I don’t find it suitable/ To be part of the bullsh*t you make the fans listen to.”

The Next Episode (Dr. Dre) - “I never been to Cali but I’m more than inspired/ If DOC got his voice back I could probably retire.”  

Boyz in da Hood (Eazy E) - “No way you can rap like this/ I’m a rappin’ activist/ My lifestyle is immaculate/ While your life is emasculate.”

God Lives Through (A Tribe Called Quest) - “All people are equal unless they Black ones/ I don’t believe that, but that’s what’s happening/ That’s what’s portrayed by the justice system/  If you ain’t got a gun, better go and get one.”

98 Freestyle (Big L & Jay-Z) - “This music sh*t is life, I can feel it in my spleen/ Your girl is like my cell phone, I feel her in my jeans/ Get the message?  Y’all never check it/ My flow is reckless/ She throw it at me, I’m bound to catch it like O'Dell Beckham.” 

Yonkers (Tyler The Creator) - “I’m a godd*mn problem/ Hit them with the bat, man like I’m a friend of Robin/ I thank God my father didn’t wear a condom/ Cuz when it comes to wack rappers, who the hell would stop them?”

Power (Kanye West) - “I’m too exclusive/ Every time I do this/ I’m going for that cream coupe so I can push the cool whip.”

Rap God (Eminem) - “Not a challenge that I won’t take/ For Pete’s sake I hop on this beat and an extreme rate/ What makes you think I want to stick to one pace?”

Numbers on the Board (Pusha T) - “You all the way from up north, nigga/ Why you using accents from Georgia?/  Psych nah, but really where the bars at?/ I swear you have no drive like where the fuck your car at?”

0-100 (Drake) - “My ex tried to call me, I guess she didn’t get the memo/ I don’t give a f*ck, you can hop on to the next cock/ Team Playstation, give a fuck about my ex box/ She got me f*cked up, got it twisted like a dread lock/ And you can get bossed on like I’m a fan of Red Sox.”

Young Jesus (Logic) - “I’m kind of a feminist/ Equality I demand it/  But nigga, you is a bitch/ You should go and make me a sandwich.”

Feedback (Kanye West) - “Wait a minute, why I sound like Weezy F. Baby/ While we’re on the topic, glad Weezy left Baby/ If I ever sign, man these labels better pay me/ I’ll get that bitch shaking like bad parents to a baby.”

Untitled 07 (Kendrick Lamar) - “I hate the rappers you like and no they are not amazing/ Stop faking my n*gga, we know that you are not Jamaican.” 

To say that it was hard to pick out a few bars from each joint would be the understatement of the year, and it’s only June.  Samad Savage puts on a clinic, showing his ability to flow over instrumentals from the golden age to the present day.  Even when he perfects his mimicking of the original rappers’ cadence, he’s still sure to infuse each track with his own trademark wit and personality.  He rhymed over some classics and even got me interested in some beats I previously overlooked.  By showcasing “16 16s in 2016,” Samad Savage has fought his way to a seat at the table with Jersey’s best unsigned talent; he’s now alongside other local luminaries as Joe College, Soulfull, and MostDope.  I’m glad he ignored his detractors and didn’t hang up the mic to focus on his skill behind the boards.  But when he releases his debut solo album?  It’s curtains for a lot of these miscellaneous rap jamokes in Jersey.  The scary thing is he’s only getting better.

Rating: 4.8 out of 5.

Download the mixtape via SoundCloud here

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