Jul 11, 2016

Listen: Welcome To America - @SamadSavage; A Niles P. Joint

To say the least, last week was mentally and emotionally exhausting.  Police in three separate states unjustly shot and killed three men:  Delrawn Small of New York; Alton Sterling of Louisiana, and Philando Castile of Minnesota.  Sterling and Castile died on consecutive days.  We’ve seen this movie so many times before, we’re weary of the premise.  No matter the name or location, it always ends with a murderous cop either being found guilty or not even being charged for killing a Black man or woman basically for existing while Black.  Add in a bevy of vital Black Lives Matter protests and conservative/racist douche bags trying to rationalize killer cops and you get the point.  This shit is so taxing on the psyche WTM took two unplanned days off, both out of respect for the recent victims of police violence but also because we were so affected by it, creativity was nonexistent.

Samad Savage didn’t rest though.  The Montclair MC wasted no time in addressing current events (“Three Radio Raheems in one week” as he cleverly puts it) in his newest song Welcome To America.  First of all, let me applaud him for using his artistic platform to not only address the current wave of police shootings but also how it plays into America’s systematic racism as a whole (extra credit for apologizing for previously eulogizing Mike Brown but not Sandra Bland.)  It takes courage for ANY artist to speak on a controversial issue.  Some seasoned veterans won’t even do it, and Savage carries the torch at the tender age of 20.  More importantly, he manages to make a track quickly without sacrificing quality.  He gets his point across eloquently and flows smoothly over a multifaceted instrumental by Precise Beatz.  Listen for yourself below.


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