Jul 26, 2016

Listen: What You Came For - @JeanGreasy (prod. @QuelleChris); A Niles P. Joint

Sometimes the universe sees what you’re interested in and gives you a mixture of said things.  Case in point: over the last couple days I’ve been reading details of the upcoming Black Panther film by Marvel while also looking to buy the comics and another book by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  Add one of my favorite emcees in Jean Grae and I got a new song that I didn’t know I wanted, but is like the ultimate wish fulfillment for my current interests.  The third in a series of hip hop tie-in songs for Coates’ A Nation Under Our Feet story arc (previous installments came from Run The Jewels & Prodigy,) What You Came For is expertly produced by Quelle Chris.  The Motor City maestro builds a soundscape that is the lush musical equivalent of the jungles of Wakanda, combining sound effects, backing vocals, and regal chimes to complement Jean’s seemingly vibranium-enhanced bars.  King T’Challa would be proud.  Check it out below via Bandcamp for streaming and more importantly, purchase.  

Niles Cavanaugh
Niles Cavanaugh

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