Aug 19, 2016

Listen: Let Everything Go - @keysera_; A Niles P. Joint

Keys Era has been quiet for a few months, but certainly not unproductive.  The Chester, PA emcee decided to remind everyone of how dope she is with her freshly released joint Let Everything Go.  You can tell by the cover art that the song is decidedly weed-scented, but there’s more depth than that.  Keys serves enough food for thought for anyone with the munchies.  Over a beat that’s skyscraper high, she ponders the effects of hangers on when she’s in need herself.  “Soon as you start making your own wave, people try to hop in” she laments, while understanding that it’s up to her to sort the real from the fake.  This song is perfect while you relax in A/C in the dog days of summer.  Check it out after the break.


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