Aug 10, 2016

Listen: Waiting 4 Frank Ocean (Play My S***) - @partyxmichael

Last Friday if you felt like you were the only one let down by Frank Ocean you weren't.

Since Boys Don't Cry didn't release, Party Michael took things into his own hands by writing a song about it, Waiting 4 Frank Ocean (Play My S***). In Frank's absence Party's lyrical wordplay and vocals name drop classic Frank tracks from Lonny Breaux to Nostalgia Ultra and even. Channel Orange.

"I got that Novacane, girl let me knock you out. Made a few Songs For Women, its all about you now. nothing else even matters when I'm in your Pink Matter."

You can mope over the lack of music from Frank or you can Play Party's sh**. The choice is yours. I need y'all to feel this.