May 28, 2019

Listen: Plot Behind My Back - @MrLatnie ft. @CoolKidCannon

One of Florida’s finest Hip-Hop artists, Latnie, has just released his new single Plot Behind My Back.

The song features Coolkid Cannon, another Florida native emerging into the Hip-Hop scene. If you can remember, last year, Latnie dropped the song Nu Legend. After that, Latnie kicked off his successes even more with his single “Elevating,” back in January. The song has earned over 6,000 plays on Spotify. Latnie is anticipating to earn the same if not more with his latest single, Plot Behind My Back. The song not only features a dope dynamic with Latnie and Coolkid Cannon, but it also has a heavy hitter beat to back the lyricists up. The strong verses throughout make for something raw, honest, and motivating. The song incorporates a theme and overall message about focus and motivation for his fans. The song is also motivation and focus for himself. He says, “Latnie been a legend…get it, get it, get it.” Not only is he saying forget the haters but also get to the bag no matter what. You can tell Latnie is on a mission to be big in hip-hop. Florida is really on the rise and Latnie is definitely one of the reasons why. Check out Plot Behind My Back after the break and go to his new website to keep up to date with the Florida emcee.

Brya Edwards
Brya Edwards

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