Nov 22, 2019

Listen: Run the World - @mostdopemusic_ & @8DAYZSTR8

MostDope dropped Some Singin' N***a - EP dropped a couple months back and one of the highlights on the project is Run the World.

MostDope @ NJLive3 shot by Jeff Crespi Rocks
The song features 8dayzstr8 (formerly known as Mike Sav). 8dayzstr8 just dropped a new EP this week, more on that later. The duo are both adept as spitters and singers alike which explains the title of the project. A lot of people have qualms with autotune and pitch correction if overdone. I wouldn't say that for these two. You have to actually have the pipes to put riffs, runs, and falsettos in the microphone to still sound good. I'll let you be the judge. This song is for the ladies. Listen to it pre-gaming or while you get ready in the mirror. Listen to Run the World after the break.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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