Oct 15, 2020

#ASideBSidePodcast Episode 208: @MikeHistory Interview

Ramsey sits with Mike History on Episode 208. Mike is the host of the lifestyle podcast, Versus Mike History. Lifestyle might be defined a little differently than what you may expect. Mike is what I would call the multifaceted modern renaissance man. The duo talks about Film, Quarantine adjustments, and of course the Podcast game. Mike believes podcasts are the new blogs and he talks about his passion for helping the community with his own programming.

The Music in this Episode is 3 AM by Chris Patrick.

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A-Side B-Side Podcast
A-Side B-Side Podcast

Multimedia Journalist, Founder and Chief Editor of WTM Host of A-Side B-Side Podcast and more. I like to talk about stuff and write it down. Sometimes to a microphone. Either way, I need you to feel this.

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