Oct 28, 2020

Listen: Love Is Blind - @filmsbyjtg

If you think like me you were surprised to see music from MYR.

He's usually behind a lens shooting your favorite artist's music video (most recently Break Off by Kärma). Released under Jon Crawford's Dead Poet Society Inc. MYR released his new project properly titled, Stigma. Trading a camera for a microphone is an example of breaking whatever stigma you may have had towards MYR. I applaud his dive into music because he's good. MYR has a dope voice and in this track, Love Is Blind, conveys it over a melancholy boom-bap loop. The song features a couple nice background skits of a couple arguing over the phone. I won't tell it all. You'll have to listen for yourself. Listen to Love is Blind after the break.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

Multimedia Journalist, Founder and Chief Editor of WTM Host of A-Side B-Side Podcast and more. I like to talk about stuff and write it down. Sometimes to a microphone. Either way, I need you to feel this.

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