Feb 3, 2021

Review: Demonstration II - @OnlyBisi

It's only right that a Demonstration has a sequel. OnlyBisi returns to the mic bringing us Demonstration II. If it's anything like the first one, we could expect a concept and story to go along with various styles of music. Bisi takes on many subgenres of R&B. Some more modern than others but sometimes his voice sounds like he was born 20 years too late.

Bisi opens Demonstation II on an upbeat note. Wishlist us reminiscent to the cadence and pace of the first project. He's talking greasy on Wishlist. It's rough sex, in a song. Reminds of something CB circa 2009, Fan of Fan mixtape.

Designer is a trap song also about sex. He's rapping but his voice is still melodic. It's eloquent in a way. instead of cursing they've engineered a woman's moan in place. What's equally impressive is the beat is complimented by Bisi playing acoustic himself. It ends with a skit conversation between Bisi and MyNameIsJeph plotting their night. Bisi gets a call from his old thing that lives on Clinton ave that he plans on pulling up on. That leads into the next song, Change This. Change This feels like a sequel to Happy 4 U from the first Demonstration

"Together or not you still my baby girl, together or not you still mean the world, to me sincerely I say this, we not together but that don't really change this."

On a production front, this is my favorite track. A piano chord progression means twerk drums. Think Master P's Choppa Style meets R&B. Bisi demonstrates his skill singing harmony with his own voice. I think the lyrics to the hook speaks for themselves. That doesn't bode well for the current lady in his life. The track ends in a voicemail from her crying. She's reached her limit. While she pleads over the phone, it transitions beautifully into track four, Don't Leave

This is where Bisi is in his bag. He's an excellent ballad writer. We'll talk more about this and the nature of R&B in our interview coming soon. The project ends with What If? It's her response to him asking her not to leave him even though he's hurt her. This is excellent songwriting because not only does Bisi speak from his perspective but the woman's as well. He ends the song with a beautiful spoken word. The prose is a nice touch as the track fades out. He asks a question I think we all should ask ourselves in relationships: "Was another woman's flesh enough for me to disrespect my rib?" The bassline and acoustic pair very well together. This is a conversation that has probably happened to the best of us so it's giving us all the feels for sure. It's really honest without being specific in a way. As far as this relationship we're left with a question mark. What a journey in such a little bit of time. Perhaps it'll be answered in the next project. OnlyBisi's gotten a lot off considering his discography can be listened to in its entirety in less than 40 minutes. For now, listen to Demonstration II below.

WTM Staff
WTM Staff

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