Aug 25, 2023

Listen: Cadillac (A Pimp's Anthem) - @VictoriaMonet

Jaguar II by Victoria Monét released on all streaming platforms today.

One of the highlights through one listen through is Cadillac (A Pimp's Anthem). Frankly, the song sounds exactly like you'd think. 

"You see us ladies in our heels. Long fur coats, hair pressed down. Rings, lots of rings, nails. It's funny how y'all don't think we be pimps too."

As she gets her slick talk off, a smooth bassline loops throughout the record. The instrumentation and arrangements throughout the album is surperb, but in between the first verse and the chorus of Cadillac, a beautiful brass and woodwind section join the fun. This is the kind of record that would make Curtis Mayfield proud or sounds like it came out of the score of Shaft or you favorite blaxploitation film. Victoria's beautiful vocal range completes the entire cypher. Listen for yourself after the break.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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