Aug 28, 2015

AfroPunk BK Recap

shot by Jonathan Ramsey
What started as a company retreat for the What's the Movement gang turned into a hectic weekend of fun, laughs, and of course music.

We take a trip to Brooklyn, miss our turn onto Canal street and end up on the Williamsburg bridge instead of the Manhattan and take the long way to Commodore Barry Park. We walk right into a festival atmosphere with a very black aesthetic. I love the culture and prep myself to see some of my favorite acts perform. The ones I looked forward to most were Goldlink, Kaytranada, Lauryn Hill, Soulection, Nadus, Jesse Boykins III. It was nice to see other headliners including Lenny Kravitz, Danny Brown, and Lion Babe own the stage and wow the crowd as well.

shot by Jonathan Ramsey
It wasn't all about the music. Many vendors pitched their tents and sold clothes, acessories, and of course the food trucks were not far from the crowd. Chatter over who's outfit was best filled the airw. In a sorry attempt to become tumblr famous I took photos of absolutely everyone and met a lot of awesome individuals that way. While I was in search of my perfect model, Issah might have been in search of a wife. Rightfully so, I imagine the woman for him would be at AfroPunk. Off topic. Niles spent a lot of the time meeting friends met from the internet. Deep down inside I wish my tumblr followers banged with me in real life. Anyways, the gallery from the two day festival will be on very soon.

shot by: Olivia Paschkes