Nov 19, 2013

Jean Grae,The Phoenix

Jean Grae NOT Jean Grey, and no I'm not talking X-Men. This female emcee is currently signed to Talib Kweli’s Blacksmith Records Records. Jean Grae original came to the underground Hip-hop scene in the mid-1990s under the name What? What? with hip-hop groups Ground Zero, then later on joining Natural recourse. She later took the name Jean Grae in relation to X-men charter Jean Grey. She was born to south African jazz musicians Sathima Bea Benjamin and Abdullah Ibrahim. Jean Grae has this intelligent humor about herself. She’s not the typical rapper were she needs to act a certain way to get the action of the masses. She just is herself, very well-spoken, and driven to tell her story. What she does is very different. Her approach to rap is not something we are used to compared to what we hear in the media these days.

Jean Grae is only the beginning of a wave of new female emcees with real skills. Now we are seeing artists like Angel Haze, Rapsody, and herself. I guess that's why I call her Phoenix.  Keep on the look You can listen to Cookies or Commas on datpiff below and her video to Kill Screen. Enjoy.

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