Dec 17, 2013

Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover aka Kanye’s Son

Is set to be release his sophomore album “Because of the Internet" on December 10th.  To prepare for this Childish is making his rounds on the media circuit. Doing several interviews with The Breakfast Club, Sway in the Morning, and going on the Arsenio Hall  Show. He did a killer freestyle to Drakes Cake on Sway in the Morning, which you can listen to here, as well as his other interviews. 

Interview for 105.1 breakfast club

Aresenio Hall

People may assume that Gambino from his “suicidal” instagram rant that he is coming from a dark place. But he is only telling the truth about the world and his fears. Life is a dark and scary place its understandable to feel like he was feeling.
“We are all going to die, so why live life doing something you don’t like.”

He also released a couple songs that may be on the album tracks like 3005, WorldStar, and debuted Shadows by performing it on the Aersio Hall show alongside Thunder Cat.

Childish Gambino did a couple on impromptu album listening parties. Only alerting the fans, and anyone that wanted to come where via his twitter.He tells you where plans to be, asks for someone to bring speakers and he will play the album. So far he has done one in London and New York (which I would have gone to if I didn’t have school)

He also was having random mansion parties around the US, playing his album. He invited the Internet through tumblr couple of weeks ago. To get invited you had to leave your name, address, and phone number. Of course I submitted my name and waited by my phone but unfortunately I wasn’t invited.

If you asked me what this album is going sound like I could tell you I have no clue.

You wonder if it will sound like the almost hard-core rap that came out of his pervious mixtape Royalty. Or we could get the sweet singing Gambino from his Camp days. Just looking at the songs 3005 and WorldStar they are two opposites, But I have a feeling the album is going to be something unexpected and really exciting. 

Because the Internet is now available in stores and on iTunes

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