Jan 2, 2014

#AOTY 2013 Honorable Mentions

This year's voting was so difficult we had to include a list of Honorable Mentions that were not far off from making the countdown. In fact some of them missed out by one or two deciding votes from the panel. This group includes some of my favorites but favorites doesn't make the list now does it (sorry to Pusha T Mac Miller & Big Sean). Here's a list of the albums in no particular order:

Childish Gambino's Because the Internet:
Perhaps this album could have gotten a higher spot on the list if it had dropped earlier in the year. The December 10th date gave him just about two weeks of time to listen and review it. He put more feeling into this album and it shows. He dropped the chip on his shoulder rap and just gave you everything he had. Less geeky but same clever punchline rapping with the accompaniment of his own singing. Possibly my favorite album this past year, Ramsey Rating Scale gives this 3.6 of 5 Stars.

Jean Grae's Gotham Down:
This album is without a doubt the most underrated project that is and will be mentioned on all of these lists point blank. Because I'm sure you didn't listen its on her bandcamp. Maybe one day female emcees will just be known as emcees, especially when they have the skills she does. I enjoyed listening to Kill Screen and Before the Summer Broke. This was one of the best projects in all of music this year and thats word to Niles Cavanaugh. Ramsey Rating Scale gives The Phoenix 3.2 of 5 Stars.

Earl Sweatshirt's Doris:
I understand that many people aren't into his monotone flow or the fact that he is plain odd. Regardless this album was pure dopeness (Yes it is a word, because I added it to the dictionary of Microsoft Word on my cpu). Hive with Vince Staples and Chum were my favorite cuts on this album. I had a hard time keeping it off the top 5. The Odd Future member got 3 out of 5 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale.

Kid Cudi's Indicud:
He drops an album then a week later leaves G.O.O.D Music. This was one of my favorite albums this year. I've always admired how musical the production on Kid Cudi's albums were. That didn't cease on this album. Unf*ckwittableSolo Dolo Part II feat. Kendrick Lamar, and Girls feat. Too Short. Indicud received 3.4 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale.

Wale's The Gifted:
Before I start I would like to apologize to the emcee personally in hopes he doesn't spazz on me the same way he did to Complex Magazine on their Top 50 album of 2013 list (You have to listen to this) (All jokes, look forward to interviewing you one day and enjoyed when you came to WPUNJ). The Gifted was awesome, I enjoyed it personally but it was a Top 10 album this year, not top five. His choice of singles were great with LoveHate Thing with Sam Drew and Bad feat. Tiara Thomas. I also enjoyed the remix with Rihanna and Tired of Dreaming featuring Ne-Yo & Rick Ross. This album got 3.8 of 5 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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