Jan 3, 2014

#AOTY 2013 Number Five: Born Sinner by J. Cole

Without a shadow of a doubt Born Sinner was my favorite album of the year 2013. Hurts my soul it only got enough votes to be Number Five on WTM's list.

J. Cole's sophomore LP was in high anticipation. He pushed it back two times and was bold enough to drop it the same day as Yesu Christo and Mac Miller. Power Trip feat. Miguel was arguably the song of the year. Forbidden Fruit with Kendrick Lamar was cool. Many people expected a verse from his featured guest but a sample from A Tribe Called Quest's classic Electric Relaxtion made the song worthwile. I also anticipated Crooked Smile featuring TLC as a single. Long before the album dropped, he spit the first verse at a show the same way he did for Chaining Day.

Another song that stood out to me was Let Nas Down. During a listening party before the drop date he broke down the meaning behind this cut. He went on about how the label wanted a single for the radio and "He was striking out for months." He finally got the green light when he dropped Work Out for Sideline Story. Unfortunately for him, his idol didn't approve as the track abandoning lyricism. Nas then responds by hopping on the remix, Made Nas Proud. Nuff Said.

This album was one of few that could be played start to finish. Cole kicked it off upbeat with Villuminati. He gave you real substance with LAnd of the Snakes and even a strong verse on his Mo Money (Interlude). Born Sinner was overall better than solid; the world is ready for a new story now. No more mulatto, out for Hov spot, I went to college, chip on his shoulder rap. You made it Cole, and the world is watching and ready. Cole World No Snuggie (shugs*). Born Sinner got 4.3 out of 5 Stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale.
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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