Jan 4, 2014

#AOTY 2013 Number Four The Marshall Mathers LP 2 by Eminem

 Another emcee returning to the microphone was the Rap God himself, Eminem. I must admit at first I really wasn't feeling this project. I even fell asleep the first time through prematurely deeming this album Nap-Time music joining a host of artists that include Toni Braxton and Jill Scott (don't murder me I just don't feel their music like the rest of you all, doesn't take away from their talent though). Anyways, the second, third, and eighth listen had me hooked. The LP didn't make my personal list for previously mentioned reasons but the panel couldn't refuse the album. My bias opinion still doesn't take away from the judging categories by lyricism, uniqueness, production, popularity, and album sales. With that said, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was one of three hip-hop albums that went platinum in 2013 (The number one and two albums on the list were the other two respectively). In an age where record sales are declining going platinum is more than impressive, especially when he hasn't dropped a solo album in almost two years.

The singles on this record were solid. Lots of listeners couldn't wait for this record to release. The Monster with Rihanna and Survival featuring Liz Rodrigues were nice radio friendly cuts. Over all the years he still keeps the same angry but conversational flow crossed with a catchy hook. Bezerk and Rap God were good but not great songs.Many people also enjoyed his song with Kendrick Lamar, Love Game. Both had solid verses that kept in context with the song title and story. What I respected most about this album was the features. Unlike many artists this year, he didn't overdue the amount of tracks with featured artists; he showcased his own skills.
People say the sequel is never better than the original. In this case I agree but it was still the third best album this year. Marshall Mathers II got 4 out of 5 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale.
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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