Jun 24, 2014

A Sit Down with Quincy Savage

Everyone says "Let's Build" and usually nothing happens after that.

It took me close to two weeks to link up with the artist formerly known as DanQwelle aka Quincy Savage but it finally got done. I got to chance to shoot a few questions to the Neptune Emcee before he left for the Navy again. Check out the quick Q&A below.

WTM: First and Foremost, What is your stage name now? Lord knows you've changed it a few times.

Quincy Savage: The Stage name is Quincy Savage, DanQwelle got annoying.

WTM: We spoke a few years back before Far From Nothing dropped. We were talking about the Wale influence and watching That 70's Show. Did the tape come out the way you wanted?

QS: I'm not gonna lie Wale was an influence on the early writing, but it's changed. It leans more towards the Capitol STEEZ, Kendrick Lamar, and a little bit of Chance the Rapper. I'm finally starting to find myself musically. My sound, my boundaries, my flow, everything basically I'm starting to have fun with it and I like it, a lot. I'm still working on a 70's show tape.

WTM: Me and Wil G go back and I didn't know he was rapping now. I know he's an amazing drummer and picking up producing. He was great on the tape, how'd you guys meet and go about the features?

QS: Bruh, Wil G is amazing. His work ethic is so laid back but yet it's sophisticated. He knows what he wants which is a direct relation to his....stubborn like persona lol but it fits me and Jah perfectly. He gives us the biggest confidence boost in the studio. We met up soon after I made my first song off Adrian's laptop. I forget exactly but it led to me hearing his work which I liked a lot. The features are becoming more of a work instead of a last minute cram session. You'll see the difference between Don't F*ck with Me & All Day All Night both featuring Wil G...the energy and chemistry is becoming unstoppable. He has a very keen ear for music.

WTM: Is there anyone in the industry you look up to? Anyone you'd like to work with in the future?

QS: Super Duper Kyle. He's an indie artist I've been listening to for a while. His album Beautiful Loser is a low key hit. Chance the Rapper off Acid Rap alone I just think we'd do damage on something. Ab Soul because we'd find ourselves erasing and editing our rhymes trying to do something crazy. Rich Homie Quan A$AP Ferg, He reminds me of Bone Thugs - Max B Joey Bada$$ Period. Lil Bibby

Producers - Boy1da, HitBoy, MikeWilMadeIt, THC

Singers - SZA, PARTYNEXTDOOR, The Weeknd

I also plan on working with Joe College & Sir Moore in the near future, I love their style.

WTM: I been on Kyle for a minute and I swear no one heard of him out in Cali until you just said it. He look exactly like Drake in the face too lol. How do you feel about the current state of Jersey's music scene and where do you stand in all of that?

QS: I think we're too focused on sounding like somebody instead of finding our (their) own sound. A rapper hits the scene, everybody sounds like hiim. I'm trying to change that. Convince people to be themselves and just have fun with what they do. There's too many followers. (Hinting at my Outro record)

WTM: My definition of art is anything that could be loved and crafted to perfection whether it's music, visual art, film, photography, anything really. What is your personal definition of art and how it pertains to you?

QS: Not trying to sound cliche, but art is life. It's what we make of it. If art is a relationship then that's your idea of art. Music is life to me. So they can go hand and hand. My version of art is music. Putting thoughts into words into a pattern that can tell a story and also rhyme at the same time. That's an art. It's a power.

WTM: What has the military and all the travelling done to your music career? Has it hindered it or helped by giving you new experiences and stories?

QS: The military has only hindered my studio time. No doubt, I'd be making way more music but the military is helping me understand other cities and how they rock and their lingo so that way I can tap into their style of music whenever I want.Or say something that makes a Cali n*gga or female say "Oh sh*t that's our word" or " He knows his sh*t you know?" Kinda like a culture shock. It expands my vocabulary a lot. I know now what a more broad perspective of people wanna hear. So when I jump in the booth, or when I go write some shit I think of that. Now it's whether or not I wanna try to mesh the Jersey style into it. Might as well right?

WTM: Lastly, The name of the game is What's the Movement? So that's the last question, any projects, videos, tours coming up soon. Let the people know.

QS: Changed the group name. It's now The League. Trying to call the next tape either #ShoreKnights #BoyindaCorner or #FarFromNothing2. Jah should have a project coming soon. He cookin' up as we speak. Wil working on some sh*t that sound crazy, that's hook master flex lol. I'm also trying to put a permanent camp together. Me Jah, Tyrasia as the main artists. Tryna get essO in on it too. Yaya on the Networking C/O. Tryna get a hold of my boy Zay I hear he's good at the managing. Faheem as the photographer, so on...you'll see soon.

Thanks again to Quincy Savage for the interview. You can check out his music on his soundcloud and download Far From Nothing on DatPiff right now. Big things are coming soon, just like he said. Remember where you heard it first, right here at WTM!
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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