Jul 28, 2014

Royal Throne: Blu- Good To Be Home

He names fits him, Is what I thought as I made my way through Blu’s his new album Good to be Home

West Coast rapper, Blu dropped his lastest album  Good to be Home.It was reminiscent of a 90s kind of feel. With tracks like boyz in the hood and summertime how could you not be reminded of the cooler times in the 90s.

Honestly when staff writer Niles suggested this album I was a bit hesitant. Seeing as Blu wasn't someone I was used to listening to, but I'm glad I did.

I was impressed with his delivery, and enjoyed what the instrumentals brought to each track.

Not much needs to be said, the west coast has taken hip-hop thus far this year, so I recommend you give it a listen. You can stream it via spotify here. Hope you enjoy the way I have. 

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