Jul 24, 2014

YMCM or Bust

For awhile I was thinking rappers on the tail end of their careers were just headed to the money.

Nothing wrong with that, especially when you've contributed to the art the way Busta Rhymes has. Yesterday, he announced we would be parting ways with YMCMB after one album, Year of the Dragon. To be perfectly honest I couldn't tell you two songs off that album being that I did not listen to it. Don't mistake me saying that for it was a bad album, I just wouldn't know.

People didn't like the move to YMCMB from jump. I'm not saying that is a sell-out label but I know a few bloggers who'd say it is. Busta Rhymes had come off success with Look at Me Now with Chris Brown and signed a huge contract with them and Google play. The money was probably right and it's hard to say no to that. He described it as "A Milestone in his career thus far." It's funny the most paid man in YMCMB (and 4th in hip-hop according to Forbes) has the least to do with the music (Not taking away from how hard he works as a businessman but I'm just a music fan). Oh well I guess...

It hurts to say it but many label Bussa Buss as the greatest emcee without a GREAT album. Many singles come to mind but no great project when you think about it. YMCMB wasn't really gonna do it anyway were they? The lead single King Tut did fairly well being that the album was a free download, thank you Google. Thank You featuring Q-Tip and recently Calm Down with Eminem might be the best thing to happen to Busta Rhymes since signing his contract anyway. Oh well, all in all both parties agree and there are no hard feelings. Busta Rhymes went on Sway in the Morning and described the issue to be "Creative Differences." You can catch the interview here (via youtube).
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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