Jul 15, 2014

TrackList for summerDAZE by Sir Moore

So I was snoopin' around tumblr today.

I think it's pretty self explanatory Sir Moore is working on a new project. Working might be an understatement being that it drops July 27th. Everytime I talk to this brother he is moving. Video shoots, visits to central park, the Capitol STEEZ Memorium, then he has the nerve to drop a project. I really respect this brother and the positive message he is trying to portray. Anyways, below is the tracklist if you can't see the picture. Expect a single dropping soon, and an interview in the very near future with the Paterson emcee.

Summer Daze Tracklist:

1. woke/theLight
2. thePassion
3. VibesSpeakLouderThanWords
4. [she] killin'EmSoftly
5. SomeDaze/DayDreamz
6. SelfLOVE
7. B.E.G
8. Enterlude
9. GrandmaSaid
10. BackN'TheDay
11. EyeGottaGo / [her] Waterlude
12. GOODfella
13. thatFeelin
14. summerRain
15. EveningLude
16. Friiiday/ NightLude
17. sunflow[HER]
18. Escape/Sleep

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Jonathan C. Ramsey

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