Jan 5, 2015

Royal Throne: Drink More Water by @AQueens_Crown

Drink More Water, It's good for you! 

That's exactly what I've been doing with Mick Jenkins sophomore mixtape The Water [s]. The Chicago native, dropped the tape in early August. I randomly stumbled upon his mixtape through twitter,and I'm so glad I did.

It's a well put together tape.The recurring theme being water aka the truth.  He raps about the state of mind young boys being just about " Imma get all this money...Imma f*ck yo b*tch.", and how people have lost sight of what really matters.

His slick wordplay had me replaying his songs get to catch some of things he was saying.
"They callin me conscious, a Jimminy Cricket. Unfortunate events, got me writing it like Lemony Snicket."
With this mixtape it had me thinking Chicago has a surplus of great talent coming out of there these days.  With artist like Chance the Rapper,and Noname Gypsy. Right now Mick Jenkins is opening for Method Man and Red Man for there The Smokers Club Tour.  

You can check out Jenkins mixtape here: The Water [s]

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