Mar 23, 2015

Editorial Feature: @Olawumiii - Short Stories, A Stroll, and Preview of #CROWNS

"Hey, I'm outside."
"Where the hell are you, I'm outside too?"
"Oh man, my bad I see you down the street wrong number same street."

I remember Olawumi when she was just Hillary. Circa Fall 2011 first day of classes I step foot into my media writing course. Michael Salfino was the professor, a writer for Yahoo Sports and the New York Times. Anyone that knows me knows if I actually do go to class I go early and usually in a tie where everyone else rolled out of bed in sweatpants. 30 minutes goes by and Mr. Salfino is talking about his experience in the industry. In walks Hillary. Dark skin tone, Military Jacket, Janet Jackson high waisted jean shorts, flannel, and purposely ripped stockings. Stylish, like anyone I've seen on my tumblr dashboard. I was a little dazed because I generally pick what girl I'm gonna flirt with the entire semester in the first class.

"Does anyone know what a lead is?" Asks Salfino. Everyone just looks around, I was staring at Hillary like a creep. She raises her hand.

"Isn't that like the beginning of the article." 
"Correct, kinda."

After an assignment or two, a few conversations about previous writing experience with blogs and magazines, and one occasion where I saved a classmate from Olawumi's fury we clicked. In fact, I remember our professor holding us after class telling us we were the only good writers that has a shot at doing this for a living (to be specific, "You guys are the only ones that are good, everyone else sucks").

That was four years ago. I don't mean to put her in a box but I was into hipster chicks who liked going to thrift shops and finding new music like me. She curved me a week later because I put her in a box and called her a hipster. That's a different story but I know we'd work on a professional tip after that. It's now 2015 and we are countless releases and a couple EPs later waiting for a new one and I got the privilege of a short conversation and a car ride to campus. Check that out below:

What's the Movement: What can we expect for your next project? You got a drop date yet?

Olawumi: I can't spill too much but I'm aiming for spring as far as time frame goes. It's called CROWNS. But I'm on my Queen Shit man, like Queen Shit. Like seriously. And not on no Beyoncè stuff, like bow down though.

WTM: Queen Shit and Crowns. I get it. In comparison with Noir and MANGO what kind of sound will it have?

Olawumi: Same producers, you know my Boi-1da and 40 with Cloud Atrium and RecklessG4B. There's a few new sounds and a couple new producers on there but it's not as dark. I feel like it's my coming out. You can listen to the story in Noir and tell that I was in a dark place. CROWNS is different and I can't wait for you all to hear it.

WTM: Any Videos? Are you continuing your trend of visual EPs. If so who shot them, Kalani did an amazing job on the 5 video.

Olawumi: Yeah there's gonna be multiple videos on this project. I would show you like I did last time but only thing I got on my phone is the music. You know what I'm gonna let you hear it. Well the beats and Ima sing it to you cuz it's just instrumentals. I'm sick tho so let me not.

WTM: Nah let's hear it. It's fine I know you can sing plus studio mixing and mastering I don't wanna wait. You know we always do a listener early.

Olawumi: (smiles) Aight word, lets do it.

For the rest of the snowy and traffic filled car ride. Olawumi serenaded me personally. I can tell you straight up from the live (and sick) version you need to keep an eye out for the EP. Point Blank Period. Word on the street is her visual for Queen Shit drops this week as well. Anyways, we have a lot to look forward to in the near future. I hope this satisfied your hunger, til then Stay Tuned.
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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