Mar 23, 2015

Watch: The Man - @RapsodyMusic

Fresh off of a possible star-making guest appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s new album, Jamla Records’ Rapsody has released visuals for her new song The Man off of her latest EP Beauty and the Beast.  The Snow Hill, North Carolina emcee has been consistently busy since 2010 with five mixtapes, two EPs, and one studio album to her name since 2010.  Despite her large output, her projects never have lacked in quality and Rapsody actually seems to be picking up steam and honing her skills with the release of every new project.  The Man sees her flexing her storytelling skills as she paints a tragic lyrical picture of a young and promising Black boy who succumbs to the temptations of street life.  Even though it’s a subject that has been explored countless times, Rapsody manages to breathe life into a story in such an eloquent way that you don’t even need a video to see the story in front of you.  This makes the video better surprisingly because it matched almost shot for shot what I pictured as I listened to the song.  The use of timeless black and white cinematography gives a sorrowful and sobering ambiance to match the song perfectly.  Check out Rapsody’s The Man below and pick up Beauty and the Beast on iTunes.


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