Mar 10, 2015

Listen: Jay Electronica - Road To Perdition feat. Jay-Z

NOLA emcee Jay Electronica has been hip hop's biggest enigma for a few years now.  He flexed his immense lyrical muscles on 2009's masterpiece single Exhibit C and has sporadically dropped songs, a short mixtape, and some solid guest verses ever since. While he's always been talented and very intriguing as an artist, his forthcoming debut album (Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) still has no actual release date and seems to exist more as mythology instead of actual soon-to-be-released music. This recently changed as a song that was seen on the Act II tracklist found its way online. 

Road To Perdition sees Jay Electronica spitting his usual top notch lyrics over crashing drums and regal sounding horns.  While it says that Jigga features on this song, he's only present in the form of a vocal sample.  It doesn't much matter as the song is still Jay Elect's best solo work since Exhibit C.  I'm not sure if this is a single serving leak or maybe a segue into promotion of an a release date for his long-awaited debut album.  Still, it's good to get new music from him.  And hell, even D'Angelo dropped new shit in December so this might be the year of music from the hip hop/r&b recluses.  Check the Road to Perdition featuring Jay-Z below.


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