Mar 12, 2015

#TBT Thank Me Later - @Drake by @SimONE_OFMYKIND

If you’re reading this it’s time to go back a few years. 2010 to be specific, that's when Drake dropped his freshman album Thank Me Later.

Personally my favorite album by the 28 year-old Canadian rapper. While there were a lot of mixed opinions on the album the numbers this project produced disregarded the negative feedback, proving that this was a pretty solid album. In the first week of sales it sold 447,000 copies. Thank Me Later peaked on the US Billboard charts at number 1, and held that spot for three weeks.

Following his tape So Far Gone, Drake continues to prove and showcase his talents as a rapper that is well prepared to be mentioned along with some of the biggest names out. We are also given a better taste of Drake talents as a singer and as a great songwriter. Drake delivered smooth, articulate flows over majority down tempo beats throughout the whole album. The 14 track album Drake talks a lot about relationships, women, his grinds trying to keep a name for himself. The singles from Thank Me Later included Find Your Love, Fancy, Miss Me, and Over. In my opinion the singles were the throw aways from the album so if this was done on purpose kudos to Drake and his team for leaving the treasure tracks hidden. I wouldn’t skip any tracks on the album but my favorite tracks from Thank Me Later were Karaoke, Fireworks, and Unforgettable.

Collaborations on albums can go two ways. On one side collaborations actually add to the quality of the album, and if the artist and their feature have sounds that compliment each other the product will be gold. Unfortunately the downside to collaborations is that having too many features can take the spotlight off of the artist’s talent. There is also the chance that their feature might even give too much to the track. I know it does not hurt to share the wealth but I would be a little embarrassed if somebody else lit up my track. With that being said, Drake could’ve chilled out on the features especially for a studio debut. Half of the tracks feature another artist or two, so it makes you think was this album held down by some of the features? Drake collaborated with some very heavy hitting artist on this project such as Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, T.I., Swizz Beats, Young Jeezy, and The-Dream. Because Drake has a style that is so versatile he sounds great collaborating with all of those artist, but Nicki Minaj’s flow went a little harder on the song Up All Night so it definitely sounds like she briefly stole his shine.

Compared to his latest project If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,  Thank Me Later was a very turnt down, chilled out album with dope beats and smooth coherent  flows combined with all of Drake’s emotions that we love. This is not turn up music, or conscious music, or the "I’m a rapper so let me stunt on y’all" music. This is music to really vibe and ride out to, something that can be played in any setting honestly. During summer 2010 whether you were at a party, just riding around with the homies (even by yourself), chilling with the bae, whatever you were doing I bet at least three songs from Thank Me Later were playing. That was definitely the case for me, this was my whole summer’s background music.


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