Apr 24, 2015

Watch: Equinox - @RazFresco feat. @BishopNehru

     I've said it before, but you've gotta respect new artists that can both rap and make their own beats. Even more props go to those that embrace and represent their regional culture and sound in hip hop.  Raz Fresco and Bishop Nehru fit into both categories on their own.  So their collaboration is an aural treat for hip hop fans and reassuring to older heads that the essence of hip hop will be preserved.  "Equinox" is produced by Fresco and is equal parts haunting, grimy, and deep.  It's Raz Fresco's song but Bishop Nehru is on the same wavelength and so he complements the vibe of this track well.  The video features a ride in the city juxtaposed with scenes in nature.  Both of these kids are helping preserve an authentic East Coast sound.  Check the video out below and be on the look out for Raz Fresco's debut album Pablo Frescobar on June 2nd.


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