May 25, 2015

Listen: Where I'm From - @ALaSOLE_ ft. @DamierGenesis

If you want to be successful in baseball, you need to have a deep pitching rotation. This principle can be applied to rap crews, in this case Pro Era and Odd Future.

Both have their well known stars (Joey Bada$$/CJ Fly & Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt respectively) but now some of their emcees deeper in the rotation are getting more shine. This is the case with Pro Era's A La $ole, who puts out a smooth banger in Where I'm From. Assisted by Odd Future's criminally slept on wordsmith Domo Genesis, the track sees these young dudes from two of rap's best crews speak on where they're from.

A is from Flatbush, Brooklyn and Domo is from Inglewood, California. This easygoing track shows that despite their geographical differences, they can find common ground in shared experiences and how they manifest in their artistic talent. Not sure if this song is a loose or off of A La $ole's upcoming project Elixir but either way it's perfect for warm weather and riding out.


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