Jun 19, 2015

Flashback Friday: So Far Gone - @Drake (@RamseySaidWHAT)

Flashback Friday. Let's take it back to high school, better yet the summer before my freshman year of college.

As you could imagine it's a crazy dope transitional experience for a young man trying to figure out who he is. At the time I wasn't sure how much music impacted my life then as it does now. I was really into R&B and Gospel growing up so it took a lot for a Rapper to catch my eye (I mean ear). Enter Drake. Best I Ever Had was killing the radio and I hadn't heard Comeback Season yet.

Turns out this random killing the airwaves has already got the cosign from Lil' Wayne and Trey Songz. This guy must be nice. With a little more research it turns out this is Wheelchair Jimmy from Degrasi. Go F*cking Figure! Anyways, So Far Gone is still one of my favorite Drake projects through and through. Hits like Best I Ever Had blasted through common hour speakers on my campus as greeks strolled along.

As I said I was in a stage where I was trying to find myself. I'd always loved music but this is right around the time I knew it would follow me for the rest of my life. So intrigued by the hits I went back and listed to the tape itself. Drake has always been good at being vulnerable and showing sides of him that most artists would keep secluded. He rapped with a chip on his shoulder and at the same time talked about love and hunger for the top. There are two tracks I enjoyed and still bump today. They are Say What's Real and Fear, the bonus track. Say What's Real is over Kanye's Say You Will instrumental. The track is exactly as the title. Drake breaks down his adjustment to success and money and how it affects his relationships with his mom, uncle, and girlfriends.

Fear is similar. "I think they call this venting," he begins. The instrumental plays and he makes himself vulnerable. Successful, also featured on Trey Songz Ready album as a bonus killed the airwaves as well. November 18th was perfect for the cypher and A Night Off with Lloyd was the one for the bedroom. So Far Gone was full of gems and will remain an instant classic for me. It was even nominated for a Grammy. You don't ever see that happen to mixtapes. Omarion, Bun B and other big and small name artists made appearances on this project. To this day I could argue that this stood out as one of Drake's best pieces and will be remembered for a long time. Reminisce with me below and stream Drake's So Far Gone

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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