Jun 9, 2015

Review: Slave Name Todd - @PassportRav

A couple of months back Passport Rav dropped a short EP titled Slave Name Todd. Between the title and album art I knew this would definitely be worth the listen. From rip I figured it would touch base on social justice issues going on today. Since I was intrigued I figured I'd dive in. You should too. Let's get to it.

The Intro (childrens, children) begins with a skit about a slave and a slavemaster. At first I wasn't quite sure where the clip is from but it was awkwardly familiar.

After the really deep excerpt from the documentary it transitions into Yankee Bwoi. The production is equally eerie. Although unorthodox, Rav P stays true to his true hip-hop core as it carries boom bap percussion throughout. He explains his come up in a Jamaican home as you patois speakers probably understood from the title. Ostracized was the first track we got early from the EP. He actually had a visual that was covered here. Next up is Trust Issues. If you were expecting a Drake feel boy are you wrong. The track starts with a clip from an old Tupac interview after he got shot. "Trust Nobody after God, fear is stronger than love." Deep words by the deceased. Rav makes a equally deep sentiment himself: "Even God placed Judas next to Jesus. Even Satan was an angel, so who can I trust?" Whoa.

Rav closes out his five track project with Black America. This song is the only one with a feature assisted by Big Osh.
Listening to the gems dropped in this song makes me feel like I'm watching Laurence Fishburne kick knowledge in Boyz N the Hood. I guess you're just gonna have to listen for yourself.

After a stellar 2014 and making noise at the Underground Music Awards Rav did his thing as he visited the studio again. Slave Name Todd wasn't exactly a fun listen but necessary. I think it is very timely and one of Passport Rav's best pieces of work thusfar. It is indeeed short but very sweet. Slave Name Todd gets 4.1 of 5 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale. Stream Slave Name Todd for yourself below.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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