Jul 20, 2015

#InCaseYouMissedIt End The World+ - @redlinegraffiti

I'm 100% certain you missed out on good music with this group. Let's take a trip back to DC last year. Trillectro '14. Crazy lineup with some surprise guests as well. Acts included Big Sean, TWRK, Dougie F, Sza, Sango, Goldlink, Migos, Rae Sremmurd, and Travis Scott. Throughout the rainy day everyone ripped the two stages but a small local DC band was one of the openers of the headlining stage. I was heavily impressed. The band's name was Redline Graffiti. After the show I followed their soundcloud and listened to their EP titled The Drill on my trip back to Jersey. Almost a year later I'm still listening and you should too.

A few months back in March they dropped their most recent project, End The World+ EP. Let's get to it. It was short but sweet 4 track offering. Redline Graffiti is a crossover genre band that branches from Jazz, to alternative, to rock, to even hip-hop. Track one, Appetite is a testament to just how versatile their music sounds. Dante Pope starts the song off with a gospel praise break sounding percussion introduction with a kick and clap (snare) breakdown. Enter really dope bassline and and acoustic guitar with soothing vocals by Drew Moten. It kinda does a two part timbo thing. What I mean by that is they take the percussion out and change the melody for a bit before returning to the original sound. "If you're scared say you're scared. If you're tired say you're tired." Beautiful but upbeat love song and a great way to start a project.

Thieving In The Place is track two. It continues the really mellow feel. Drastically slower this time around. Moten lays down vocals over chords played by Ajene Harley. Donald Martin does a beautiful time harmonizing on the hook. It leads perfectly into track three. The Donnie Most Remix of the latter song. The same lyrics repeat but the slow chords are met by computerized sounds that sound like something out of a video game. The hook is much different. The percussion is boom bap hip hop over R&B jazz sounding vocals. Verse two continues a more complex drum fill as the song progresses. It gives the song a different sound altogether. I enjoyed them both, as a ballad and jam.

They close out End The World with a self titled track. Martin takes the lead vocals this time around. I always loved electric guitar solos and Harley delivers with flare when the song begins. "It's the end of the world and I need you here, but it feels like the end of the world right now" croons Martin. You can hear raw emotion in the songwriting and vocals of this one. Moten returns on verse two and the bridge. I was really surprised from his unique voice returning back to the foreground and with falsetto. Everyone got their own shine on this song and it's definitely this fan's favorite. You can watch the visual for End the World below.

I usually end these write ups with a rating of sorts but I won't. I really just want you to listen. They were a fun act to watch live and in studio their skills speak for themselves. This is a very talented group of young brothers from the nation's capital. End The World+ can be purchased on iTunes and Bandcamp. Luckily for you we have the soundcloud stream for you below. Check them out. Ramsey signing off.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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