Aug 20, 2015

Editorial Review: Block Party - @DougieFMusic

Since last year Dougie F has made a lot of noise on the national scale. He's signed to Mad Decent with Diplo. Collaborated with many, performed at festivals, and even got interviews with Ebro & Rosenberg and Shade 45 with Sway. Huge accomplishments for an unsigned act. The good gets better, Mr. Back Up On It blessed us with an album titled Block Party a little while back. You really do get to see how versatile, and humble of an artist he is.

Let's get to it. Track one is called Wilson Place. I imagine this is named after the street he's from. Doesn't really say in the track. What he does say is he's carefree now that he got his money up. It wasn't always the way he is now. He's a young man from humble beginnings. Production wise it loops but makes a few changes as it progresses in a Kanye like manner. Track two and three, From the Mud and That Was Backthen, kind of plays of the last song's come up theme. This one takes us on a story to his childhood and family affairs. Eleven 11 and Billions are fan favorites. Perfect pregame music when you're friends are sipping in the backseat and someone passes you the aux cord. Nuff Said. The Production is awesome and the hook is ridiculously catchy. Diamonds Dancing is next. This was a nice single and an even better video that I touched base on previously. Change of pace for Dougie and change is always good. Last Night was the other single we got wind of before the project dropped. Still holds replay value. It's safe to say we can save this as a go to for that pregame playlist we are making thusfar.

Throwaway might be the only skip on the entire album (that's no pun on the track title though). Not that it was boring or whack but everything else was properly placed. This had no real purpose. However it didn't hinder or help the project. Still carries the same catchy tune that could still enjoy. Birthday might be my favorite track on Block Party. The intro is silly and fun as the song progresses. It's on It's a Go kinda takes a different turn to the grind time rather than the party side. He shows how hungry he is. I didn't necessarily like the flanger edit on his voice on Bouta Get It. Sometimes it's cool but I think he left the food in the microwave too long here. Pre Paid is another jam. I found myself jiggin,' cookin, and spinning in my office chair to this one. Touchdown mellows the mood musically but the intensity has stayed steady throughout. Under Control was the bonus track that closes the whole thing out. Perfect.

Block Party was fun. The title really hits the nail on the head. I always talk club beats when it comes to Dougie F. It was his claim to fame at one point. Frankly I was wrong to put him in a box like that. Block Party shows he is more than just that. There is more to him than just turn up king who lives a fast paced lifestyle on the road. Tracks like From the Mud prove just that. Although some tracks didn't carry lyrical dexterity the other tracks remind us that Dougie does indeed have bars. Block Party was an album full of bangers that all could make single numbers. This truly was a piece of art and I was thoroughly impressed from the efforts of Jersey's own Dougie F. I'm also impressed he did this dolo with no features that you never really see from upcoming or mainstream artists. I was surprised to see Back Up on It wasn't on the final tracklist especially regarding the ridiculous play it got all over. I'm really intrigued to see what's next and what story he'll tell. We now know where he's from and how it all started for him. Next is where he's going. Only he can truly tell it. The production was superb as expected. I imagine  the quality will always get better as long as you're on a diplo label. Block Party gets 3.7 of 5 stars on the Ramsey Rating Scale. You can stream it in it's entirety below. Enjoy.
Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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