Sep 16, 2015

Feature: Blind Man by @spzrkt Written by @Natural_Nation

What happens when you combine great lyrics and production with a great voice? The holy trinity...of music.

Last month a group of very talented artists from all different genres came together to perform at an annual music festival in Brooklyn called AfroPunk. This is really where it all began for me. A ride in the car with the editor and a Saturday filled jam session had my musical awareness at an all time high. I had experienced so many wonderful sounds that weekend. I wasn't sure what to put my attention to first. But my memory landed on a song that I heard in the car on my way to Commodore Barry Park that weekend; a very catchy Girls That Dance by Masego and Medasin. So, I went to the place where all musical dreams come true; Soundcloud. I was so excited to listen to the Pink Polo EP and Girls That Dance that I hadn't even fathomed the fact that I might stumble upon something else just as musically enticing. Immediately after the Masego hit went off, once again a sound emerged from deep within my car speakers.

“I can love you with my eyes closed…”

His name is SPZRKT (Spazzy Rocket) and melodic beauty is called Blind Man produced by J. Louis. If you have stopped and listened to the track coming up below there is really no need for an explanation. But because this buttery biscuit is so good, I have no other desire than to shout from the rooftops how great this record really is. Plain and simple this song has me in my feelings, deep in my feelings, the good ones. You ever hear a song that bumps so hard it gives you the stank face? That is what this song does to me. It's too smooth. It's too right. It's all vibes and I LOVE IT. Formerly under the genre of Christian Hip-Hop SPZRKT's music remains fairly clean but still delivers everything we love about this new, smooth, soul-filled branch off of R&B to the likes of Jhene Aiko and PartyNextDoor. His soundcloud is littered with gems including a seven track EP entitled Hours Spent Loving You produced by Marvel Alexander and Sango which you can expect a review soon. Folks SPZRKT most certainly has the juice. Keep an eye out. I sense only good things coming.


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