Sep 16, 2015

Listen: Blue Bird - @His2ryNProgress

Did I say I like Gospel? I was actually suprised to find out Neptune and now Atlanta Native Keith Roberson was a singer.

I was under the impression that Duce Banner just produced and was a videographer until I heard his Gospel cover to All that Matters made famous by Justin Beiber. His newest song Blue Bird takes a Pop route and carries a catchy tune. I'd prefer not to put him in a box of a genre so you'll just have to listen to understand where I'm going with this. This was mixed and mastered to perfection and this is what makes or breaks a great song in studio.  Blue Bird is a loosie part of his collection the DuceDay Series.Banner sings his praises below after the break. Enjoy.

Jonathan C. Ramsey
Jonathan C. Ramsey

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