Oct 1, 2015

Watch: Barzini - DJ J Hart feat. Sean Price and Rim P of Da Villins; A Niles P. Joint

It still doesn’t seem real that Sean Price is gone.  I mentioned this in my Sean Price memorial, but at his tribute show his wife Bernadette said that there would be more Sean Price music that would be released.  This makes sense because in his lifetime Ruck was the ultimate workhorse in rap.  Aside from his mixtape, we get out first posthumous offering in the way of a feature.  “Barzini” is the first single from DJ J Hart’s Passport EP.  The song has all of the attributes of a stupendous Sean Price song: the word bars worked into the title, tough yet nicely layered production with a sample, lyrics that walk the line between rugged and comical, and a guest spot (this time from Rim P of Da Villins.)  The video fits the song exceptionally well.  The emcees and DJ/producer are in front of a white background and features various animations throughout.  There is a lo-fi semblance about the video, which is pertinent because Sean Price was a no frills type of emcee; the only luxury was his bars and the beats on which he laid them.  Check out the video after the break and download the EP from DJ J Hart’s website.


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