Nov 3, 2015

Listen: sayYES - @SOULFULLnjn ft. Karma by @Natural_Nation

Warning: Explicit content, NOT for the sensitive-eared. If you're not thinking about sex before you listen to this song, it's safe to say you will be thinking about it after. 

SOULFULL smoothly hand delivers us a sexually enticing song liable to make just about anyone consider getting their bump and grind on. You can literally hear the testosterone seeping out of every word. Immediately the song resonates. You don't have to be a Floetry fan to recognize the sample used on this track. Within the first few notes any R&B fan will pick up on the Say Yes instrumental. Below, check out track seven on More Than a Game, sayYES that features songstress Karma. Expect a review of the project in it's entirety later on.


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