Nov 20, 2015

Watch: For Ibn - @JoeCollege010; A Niles P. Joint

    Joe College always has done his own thing and always will, industry standards be damned.  So despite dropping a video for a new freestyle about a week ago, he’s back just a week later.  Only instead of a new or even recent joint, he made a video for a song that came out over a year ago.  Nonetheless, it’s still timeless and prevalent so the release still works.  For Ibn has dual functions inasmuch as it reflects on life around Neptune/Asbury Park (although the sentiments can apply to a town near you,) and also serves as a tribute of sorts to an incarcerated friend, hence the title.  Producer Johnny E successfully reworks the beat for DMX’s Slippin’ which is just as effectively somber as it was in 1998.  Qwikavelli continues his hot streak as a director and by the looks of things may never slow down, just like his rapping partner in crime.  Peep For Ibn after the break.


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