Nov 19, 2015

#TBT: Heard 'Em Say by @kanyewest ft. @adamlevine

     Even though this is a throwback, Heard ‘Em Say is one of those songs that never gets old. Every time I listen to it I miss old Kanye West. Now don’t get me wrong, Kanye is still a musical mastermind (okay maybe more like a mad scientist) but to me his lyrics use to hit home more. It’s crazy to think that this song is officially ten years old, along with the rest of Late Registration, since its release in November 2005. My two favorite things about this song are the piano melody and the video. For a song that is lyrically about the chaos and confusion in world, the soft chords of the piano sounds more like a calming lullaby. Weird. Not to mention Adam Levine’s soaring falsetto. All of it kind of makes me think: this world is crazy, but we’re going to be okay.
      The video is just the icing on the cake, because it’s so different. West chose renowned cartoonist Bill Plympton to create the pencil sketched animation. It follows a young boy, his mother, and a cab driver who resembles West himself. Throughout most of the video, the scenes mirror the verses that Kanye raps, right up until the end. At that point West (the taxi driver) and the little boy die in an explosion in the least graphic way possible. Okay kinda dark, but don’t worry: they turn into angels! While the boy stays in heaven, it looks like the driver comes back to earth to continue his job. Even though the song is kind of morbid, it sticks with us. Why? Because it’s true. Nothing that is here today is guaranteed to be here tomorrow, so cherish it. This is why I miss old Kanye. This song, along with the rest of Late Registration (and pretty much everything up until 808s & Heartbreak), was Kanye’s best music. It was soul loving hip-hop that made you think and feel at the same time; and it went beyond the song. But I don’t think the spirit of that artistry has completely vanished yet. I believe he’s gonna come back to his musical roots. In the meantime, lets reminisce on what made us fall in love with Kanye’s vision of hip-hop in the first place.


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