Nov 9, 2015

Watch: Peyton Manning - @BobbySessionsTX feat. @SoSoTopic; A Niles P. Joint

Sometimes people take Hip Hop so seriously they forgot that it should be fun at the end of the day. This sentiment is not lost on newcomer Bobby Sessions

The Dallas, TX product was so musically ambitious he quit his job with $50 in his bank account in order to fully pursue rap. So in a sense, the video for his song Peyton Manning feels like a celebration. It’s shot in an empty yet lit (in terms of life and spirit) football stadium, since this is Texas and all. Sessions and his crew are hanging out on the field and in the bleachers just having a good ass time. The fact that it’s shot in black & white makes every shade of silver and shadow visually profound despite the lightheartedness of the track. This bodes well with the content of the song, which feels like a cypher in a room full of friends. You even hear the jovial ad-libs from his people every time he spits a creative line, which is quite often from the newcomer. Fellow Dallas emcee Topic also makes an appearance with an exceptional verse sandwiched in-between those of the host. Both of these dudes display supreme wordplay, you couldn’t ask for more from some new jacks. Having all of these elements over a bouncy beat that’s subtly reminiscent of football band percussion makes for a hell of an introduction for Bobby Sessions and his guest. Peep the video below and be on the lookout for his L.O.A. (Law of Attraction) project coming soon.


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