Nov 16, 2015

Watch: Talk My Shit - @UcancallmeLA (Latasha Alcindor); A Niles P. Joint

The rap game is an ocean of talent nowadays and if you get a hold of a good artist in your travels, don’t let go. 

I made the mistake of letting one get away from me but miraculously rediscovered the emcee later. Latasha Alcindor released a terrific mixtape where she spit over mostly Kanye West instrumentals years ago under the moniker L.A.
Unfortunately she got lost in a sea of Google search results and I lost track of her. Years later, my homegirl Olivia recommended I check out Latasha and lo and behold it was a rebranding of sorts (using her real name). I got to rediscover an amazing emcee and swore I would write about her next time she dropped something.

Flash forward to last week where I saw Alcindor had released a new video. Talk My Shit starts off with a lengthy intro from a Nina Simone interview where the High Priestess of Soul speaks on unapologetic Blackness and culture. This bleeds into the start of the actual song. Alcindor begins her lyrical tumbling routine with nods to heroines of yesteryear such as Josephine Baker & Eartha Kitt. She announces her return and doesn’t hold back lyrically. The video alternates scenes between Latasha’s apartment, hanging out with friends in BK in front of a Biggie mural, and the subway. She takes rapping seriously and it’s contrasted against a video that’s pure fun and includes joking around with freestyles and breakdancing. I’m so glad I found Latasha Alcindor again with a little help from a friend. Watch the video after the break. We’ll have you covered with future Latasha Alcindor joints.  


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