Nov 23, 2015

Watch: They Way I feel - @A1_MostDope

“I ain’t tryna leave ‘til I see how its suppose to be” MostDope just came out with another single from his recent mixtape P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment) and it gives us a glimpse his life and his vision. The Way I Feel has only one verse and a chorus but packs a lot of substance. The rapper from Asbury Park talks about living in a world where “babies are having babies” and “a little bit of money from the hustle makes us greedy.” But even though he says that the world around him (and even his own family) tries to limit his own success, he doesn’t feel stuck. He uses this negativity as fuel to propel him forward. And he’s not the type to put up the deuces once he makes it big, he says he is going to stay and make the city into what is was suppose to become. I respect that.  Check out The Way I Feel after the break


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