Dec 21, 2015

Listen: Bonus Round - @MeyhemLauren feat. @ActionBronson, @RocMarci & @BigBodyBesNYC

Meyhem Lauren and producer Harry Fraud, have teamed up on this track to let us know what its like to be “on the road to riches” . Bonus Round is the new single from his upcoming album Piatto D’oro meaning “plate of gold” for all you non-Italian speakers out there. The sound is smooth and trippy. It contrasts well with the bars by Laurenovich and guests Action Bronson, Roc Marciano that go hard. They talk about their experience in the hood and how it has contributed to their journey in the rap game. Roc Marciano tells us about selling dope but says, “Range Rover, I’m a slave owner” because of his gains that are at the expense of other people. Bronsolino talks about his friend that will "Hide the gun in the pizza.” Meyhem spits about the good life tell us “we here” and have arrived at his destination of luxury, but not neglecting the fact that the streets of New York raised him, saying “We’re not worried about getting jobs; shout out to the dealer, one love to the user”. At the end Big Body Bes blesses the track with his infamous ad-libs admitting he’s a man of many mistakes, apologizing for what he’s done but not for where he is now. Overall the track has a trance-like sound because these guys making out of the hood to where they are now is almost like a dream. Check out Bonus Round below.


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