Dec 10, 2015

#RoyalThrone #TBT- Frank Ocean's nostalgia,ULTRA. by @Aqueens_crown


The question on everyone’s mind that we’ve has been asking since his release date was set for this summer. Now with summer over, and winter slowly creeping in we are no longer patiently begging for an album.

So in expectation of his sophomore album I went back and listened to nostalgia,ULTRA. The mixtape that introduced me to the sounds of Ocean. When it first came out there was a buzz in the air about a unique voice emerging on the scene. My dorm hallway was filled with his voice. The mixtape gives you a sense of nostalgia, as the title suggests. Packed with songs that contain bouts of sex, love, and drugs that everyone can relate to. Some interludes placed throughout the album in which the instantly recognizable sound of a cassette player is heard rewinding, fast-forwarding, and stopping.

I can't say that there was a song on the mixtape that I didn't like. The story telling in American Wedding alone, was enough to have you rehashing feelings you didn't even remember having for someone. Then to add the iconic instrumental on Eagles-Hotel California, makes it a song you had on repeat. Nature Feels sampling MGMT's Electric Feel, ocean sings about making love outside, underneath the trees. Each song a displaying Frank'S unique way of story telling.

With a base of conventional R&B and a mix of a new sound. Francis Breaux captured the hearts of new fans everywhere. Subtle seductive beats that you find yourself weirdly stuck too. Ocean's nostalgia,ULTRA is a soul-sharing ballad, that was to solidify his place as a legend to be.


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